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    Escorts from Parakou

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    City Parakou

    Parakou is the main city of the department of Borgou in the northern part of Benin. Parakou is on the main north-south RNIE 2 highway and at the end of a railway line to Cotonou.

    The city initially developed on the income generated by passing merchants who transported goods from the region across the Sahara and the Mediterranean to Europe. Parakou later became well known in the slave trade. Later traders focused on cotton, and Parakou remains to this day the hub of Benin’s cotton trade, with considerable interest from Europe.

    The name, Parakou, is derived from a Dendi word meaning “everyone’s town”, named after the town’s ethnic diversity. As a market town attracting many people as a trading and stopover point, Parakou has a great mix of African ethnicities including Fula, Dendi, Somba, Fon, Mina, Bariba, Djerma, Yoruba (from the Nago), Hausa, Kabrais, Warma, and Tuareg.

    Parakou has a population of nearly 300,000, settled in villages such as Teougourou Gando, Tian, ​​Tinekonparou, Tora, Tourou, Wansirou, Weria, Wore, Worora, Yakassirou, Darou Kourarou, Debregourou, Dokparou, Douerou, Forane Kparou, Gagbebou, Ganou, Ga Yakabou, Gommboko, Gorobani, Gouforou, Goutere, Guema, Guererou, Guinrerou, Kaborokpo, Kabro, Karobouarou, Kipare, Konkoma, Koumerou, Kperou Guera, Moundouro, Nekinparo, Nikikperou, Ouroungourou, Pepekino, Pepepeterou, Sanro, Senouorou, Sokoumeno, Amawihon, Bakaga, Bakounkparou, Bakounourou, Baperou, Bereyadou, Borarou, etc.

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